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Accelerating Social Impact


Developing Life skills & creativity in  village children. 

through Sports and Storytelling. 

Vision & Mission



Develop Life skills & creativity in rural children



Impact 100,000 Rural Children by end of 2025


The Big Problem?

India Lives in its Villages: 68% rural population. 2/3rd of our school-going children are in villages.

Rural Children are highly underprepared for challenges in life as they lack:

  • Access to resources 
  • Guidance from elders and parents
  • Time from parents
  • Life skills (communication, confidence, teaming, empathy, creativity, resilience, values, etc)

The above accentuates odds for livelihood. This in turn leads to lack of self-worth. They take to anti-social activities  It's a vicious cycle and  Impacts next generation children too.

Who are we?

The Solution

We impact learning outcomes for rural children. We develop life skills and creativity in them by conducting traditional sports (Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, running) and Storytelling at the village level, 7 days a week. Our focus is on children in the age group of 5-14 years - the most impressionable years.

We partner with organizations and embrace proven solutions and good practices, thus avoiding re-inventing of the wheel and accelerating the impact.

Key Outcomes we expect:

 Rural children that - 

  • Are confident, creative, high on self-esteem, empathy,  take initiative and team with others.  
  • Can confidently create or earn their own livelihood 
  • Girls that are confident, aware, empowered  and have aspirations , so they do not  drop out of education early or are pushed to  early child marriages and pregnancies



  Sahyog Foundation's Initiative of developing Life Skills & Creativity among Village Children lays a strong foundation and promotes following sub-goals of the select UN SDGs:

  • SDG 8: ↑ Employment opportunities for the young
  • SDG 10: ↑Income growth of bottom 40% Population
  • SDG 5: Empowerment of Girls, ↑ Secondary education, Prevent child marriages
  • SDG 16: Peaceful & Inclusive Society


This is a 100 second video on Sahyog Foundation & gives a snapshot of the type of activites we do. 




We work in a cluster of 12 villages covering 350+ children, in the Denkanikottai Taluk of  Krishnagiri District in Tamilnadu. It is about 65 kms from Bangalore. 

  • Our  Area Facilitator is from the same community.  She is mobile on a scooter and is well connected with the communities and loved by the children.
  • At each village we have a Village coordinator, who is from the same village. She is trained on Sports and Storytelling.
  • The village Coordinators conduct Sports frm Mon-Sat for one hour in the evening after school hours.
  • On Sundays we have Storytelling & Creative activities (like Drawing from imagination, Thumb Painting, Story telling by children or theatre) for 2 hours.
  • We work closely with the teachers , parents and the community. We conduct community meetings  in the villages to create awareness of our work and to seek the support and engagement of community members.
  • We conduct quarterly sports competition, one village at a time, and  give medals and certificates to children. 



From Aug 1, 2019, in partnership with Buzz India, Sahyog Foundation has started its initiative in 4 villages in Tumkur Taluk in Karnataka. The villages are: Cholamboli, Harluru, Gowripura and Byrasandara.

We have an Area Facilitator for the Tumkur cluster, who is from Cholumbali village and is very familiar with the communities and children of the  villages in the Tumkur Cluster.

Like the Denkanikottai Cluster, we now conduct Sports and Storytelling sessions 7 days a week. The storytelling happens in Kannada. The Sports  conducted are - Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Running, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Puts, etc. 

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