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Accelerating Social Impact

Impacting Learning Outcomes for Village Children. through Sports and Story Telling. 

Vision & Mission


Develop Life skills & creativity in rural children


Impact 100,000 Rural Children by 2025

What WE DO?

The big problem?


India Lives in its Villages : 68% rural population

Rural Children are highly underprepared for Life Challenges as they lack:

  • Access to resources 
  • Guidance from elders and parents
  • Life skills (communication, confidence, teaming, empathy, creativity, etc)

The above accentuates odds for livelihood. This in turn leads to lack of self-worth. They take to anti-social activities  It's a vicious cycle and  Impacts next generation children.

The Solution

We impact learning outcomes for rural children. We develop life skills and creativity in them by conducting traditional sports (Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, running) and Storytelling at the village level, 6 days a week. Our focus is on children in the age group of 5-14 years - the most impressionable years.


We partner with organizations and embrace proven solutions and good practices, thus avoiding re-inventing of the wheel and accelerating the impact.



We are doing our intervention at a cluster of 12 villages covering 500+ children. This is at Sandanapalli, Krishnagiri District in Tamilnadu, about 65 kms from Bangalore. Susila, from the community, is our  Area Facilitator based in Sandanapalli. She is mobile on a scooter and is well connected with the communities and loved by the children.

  • Susila is suported by 24 youth who conduct Sports  or Storytelling, 2 in each village. More than 90% of the youth are Girls. The youth conduct sessions 6 days a week in the evening after school hours. They are paid a scholarship.
  • We conduct community meetings periodically in the villages to create awareness of our work and to seek the support and engagement of community members in the initiative.
  • We conduct quarterly sports competition, one village at a time, to motivate children and engage community members. We give medals and certificates to children. In addition we conduct competitions for Community elders - both men and women, like running, musical chairs and Rangoli (art with powdered colours) and give gifts to the winners
  • Through formal periodic surveys with youth coordinators, parents, community and teachers, we are putting in place measures to monitor the benefits of our intervention.

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